Openness eliminates corruption


The Commissioner for the Protection of the rights of entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan at the meeting of the board of the General Prosecutor's Office in Karaganda proposed to publish a list of entrepreneurs, who received land plots

Bolat Palymbetov believes that one of the problems is the allocation of land for construction for small and medium business.

"Today Karaganda region – is one of the first regions, where projects of detailed planning, master plans of all settlements are posted on their websites. And virtually there are no refusals due to non-compliance to the master plan or PDP, as it was before. But we have also offered to sell land through auctions, everything should be transparent.

Last year there were held 3 auctions in Karaganda region. 20 land plots were sold. This, of course, not a violation. Akimats have the right to grant land through investment projects, through APC and so on", - he said.

Business Ombudsman appealed to the leadership of the region with a proposal to publish a full list of all land plots received in 2016 in the context of towns and regional centers - which LLP received land under and for what purposes. "And it will be an effective tool of social control, and we can immediately eliminate all the talk about the unfair distribution of land. Transparency and openness eliminates corruption", - said Bolat Palymbetov.

Business Ombudsman also expressed his position on the illegal involvement of entrepreneurs in criminal proceedings.

"Often, the pre-trial investigation is conducted in respect of small and medium-sized businesses. Many people, are mainly engaged in state programs, and investigators immediately call for operators of state programs to stop all business with them, even though their guilt can only be determined by the Court. We need to stop this practice. And a criminal case in respect of a small and medium-sized business, which lasts more than three months, is an absurd! Maybe you need to put the bar - not more than three months? I think that during this period you can study everything. And if you still need more time, it is necessary to carefully consider all the circumstances of the case. Such a request expressed entrepreneurs themselves at meetings", - he said.

At the meeting were presented the results of implementation of the Roadmap for the implementation of the recommendations of the Forum "Supervision of public prosecution in the field of entrepreneurship", which was held on 14th of June 2016, and solutions for the most sensitive business issues.

«...Domestic business, the so-called national bourgeoisie, should be supported in every possible way, and those who prevent its development by unreasonable inspections, extortions, raids should be strictly punished...»

Statement from the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev at an enlarged meeting of the Government on 15 July 2019

Zhursunov R.M.

Ombudsman for the Protection of the rights of Entrepreneurs of RK

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