Timur Kulibayev awards first Business Ombudsman of Kazakhstan and congratulates new Business Ombudsman on his appointment


Chairman of the Presidium of the Atameken NCE RK Timur Kulibayev has congratulated the first Business Ombudsman of Kazakhstan Bolat Palymbetov on the successful completion of his work and awarded him with the Atameken’s first-degree medal for faithful work. This medal is awarded for special personal contribution to the development of the economy and private entrepreneurship.

"Until recently, there wasn't any Business Ombudsman Institute. Bolat Palymbetov is the first Business Ombudsman in the country's history. You have set a high bar and it will become a starting point for all subsequent business ombudsmen. It should be noted that thanks to our joint work we were able to establish this Institute in short terms. The first Business Ombudsman managed to adjust work with regions, last year signing of roadmaps with the regional akims and all regional problems of business have been reflected in these documents. This work should be continued so that all the regions are connected, entrepreneurs are aware of the protection measures. Full cooperation has been established with all law-enforcement bodies. All government agencies understand the importance of this institution. I am fully satisfied with your activities. Thank you for your work," Timur Kulibayev said.

He has also congratulated Rustam Zhursunov, the new Ombudsman for the Protection of the Rights of the Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan, who was appointed to this post on February 24 by the decree of the President of Kazakhstan. Chairman of the Atameken Presidium wished him success in working with the country's business community and achieving his goals. Earlier Rustam Zhursunov held the position of Deputy Chairman of the Board of Atameken, Chief of Staff of the Administrative Office of the Business Ombudsman.

"Rustam Zhursunov has considerable experience in this area, working closely with his predecessor. There is a new stage ahead. We have been established feedback from the business and identified systemic issues. Legislation plays an important role in the protection of business rights and legitimate interests. We all are trying to introduce amendments to the legislation, which has its roots in the Soviet past and has not any focus on private property. In countries with significant successes in reforming the systems of state administration, the reform of the legal framework had been started over with a clean slate. It means they did the complete abolition of the old and ineffective regulation. These countries created new legislation based on the principles of maximum freedom of entrepreneurship and competition. These are the Baltic States, Georgia, and Eastern European countries. We need to study their experience, adapt to the realities of our country and implement," Timur Kulibayev said.


Bolat Palymbetov is the first Business Ombudsman of Kazakhstan, who was appointed to this position by the decree of President of Kazakhstan on 19 February 2016 and is accountable only to the President.

Over the past 4 years, over 20,000 appeals have been considered to protect the rights of entrepreneurs. More than 70% of business problems have been solved at the regional level. Personal meetings have been held with entrepreneurs from all regions of Kazakhstan, and the problems they most often face have been studied.

Significant changes have been made to the procedures for registering reports of criminal offences. The registration of criminal cases in the sphere of the economy has been reduced 8 times. There has also been an analysis of the control and supervision functions of government agencies and an analysis of legislation on the barriers to entrepreneurship.

Since 2019, signing of the roadmaps with akims of regions, the roadmaps reflected all system problems of business.

Kazakhstan has been cooperating economically with dozens of countries around the world because the domestic businessmen in other countries mustn't be left face to face with their problems. To this end, we signed agreements on mutual assistance and cooperation with business ombudsmen of Russia, Uzbekistan, and Georgia. Thanks to cooperation with the business ombudsmen of these countries, we established information exchange on the issues of business protection, assisted in bringing to justice those who have committed unlawful acts against entrepreneurs and in returning their property (goods, money, etc.), and we took measures to settle the disputes before trials.

According to Article 312 of the Entrepreneurial Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Bolat Palymbetov wrote an application for dismissal from his position at his own will due to the completion of his term as the Ombudsman for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan. President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev accepted his resignation.

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«...Domestic business, the so-called national bourgeoisie, should be supported in every possible way, and those who prevent its development by unreasonable inspections, extortions, raids should be strictly punished...»

Statement from the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev at an enlarged meeting of the Government on 15 July 2019

Zhursunov R.M.

Ombudsman for the Protection of the rights of Entrepreneurs of RK

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